Welcome to Cloud-Portal.com

This site contains several applications: a dynamic home page, a favorites manager, a task list, a project manager, a contacts manager, a note pad, and a time / expense tracker.

Each application is a separate page. So you're welcome to bookmark it directly and use only what you need. All of the applications are intended to be light-weight and easy to use. The appearance of the site should be clean and spacious, while nevertheless providing an essential service.

The dynamic home page was created with the belief that a home page on the Web should provide only and exactly a menu of options for browsing. It should free you from headlines and advertising. And it should be tailored to your individual habits and preferences.

The planning applications were created with a similar conviction. The main thing that planning software should do is to decrease the amount of clutter in our minds and allow us to focus on what's really important in life. Too often, it does the opposite by offering too many features and built-in distractions.

In creating this site I've tried to include the essential and clear out the the irrelevant. The result, I hope, is a valuable resource for people who want to deepen their already busy lives.

You're welcome to let me know of any suggestions or problems by sending me an email.